IT Startups

Immigrants are a significant driving force in creation of new businesses in the U.S. and at Sharma Law Offices we offer a range of business immigration services to help startups planning to employ foreign nationals as well as for foreign entrepreneurs planning to incorporate a business in the United States.

We are experts in finding creative immigration solutions for any startup. Over the past two plus decades, we have worked closely with startup companies to plan their business endeavors and to secure the most relevant immigration status to run and grow their business.

For more information on how Sharma Law Offices, LLC can help you with your startups, call us at 404-348-2829.

Meet Attorney Asheesh Sharma – Your Trusted Advisor

With years of experience in employment-based immigration, Sharma Law Offices has a proven track record of successful cases. Our nuanced understanding of U.S. immigration laws ensures that your case is in capable hands.

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