Silicon Valley University Withdraws from SEVP

On April 30th, Silicon Valley University in San Jose, California withdrew its SEVP certification, or the Student and Exchange Visitor Program. The certification, which is accredited at the federal level, allows non-immigrant students to obtain eligible status while studying at a college or university in the United States. Effective June 30th, the school’s Student and Exchange Visitor Information System, or SEVIS, will no longer be available. Therefore, students currently enrolled at Silicon Valley University will face challenges as the late June date approaches.

What does this mean for Silicon Valley students?

As of April 30th, Silicon Valley University no longer issues new Form I-20’s, or Certificates for Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status. However, for non-immigrant student currently enrolled in Silicon Valley, these students must take steps before June 30th to maintain active status. If a student is in active status, or is currently participating in OPT or STEM OPT through the university, they have less than two months to:

  • Complete their degree or program,
  • Seek a change of Status, or
  • Enroll at a different certified university or college.

Failure to complete the above will result in the termination of the student’s records in SEVIS and a student will be considered out of status. If they elect to discontinue their studies the SEVIS record will be terminated as ‘authorized early withdrawal’.

For students who are still abroad, and have not yet enrolled in Silicon Valley University, the change will make a tremendous impact on their study plans. Without SEVP certification, any Form I-20 issued by Silicon Valley University or visa issued for the student to enroll in the school is invalid, and students will be denied entry at a port of entry. These students, as well as students currently enrolled in Silicon Valley University, will receive advisement from the school as the coming deadline of Jun 30thapproaches.

Any non-immigration students with questions about the options available to them can call the SEVP Response Center at 703-603-3400.