Student Visa (F-1)


The F-1 Visa is given to foreign nationals who intend to study in the U.S. at an accredited school or university that is approved by the Attorney General.

Procedure & Requirements

  • Apply for a visa at the U.S. Consulate; an application to the US Citizenship & Immigration Service is not required;
  • Demonstrate that the applicant is a bona fide student with nonimmigrant intent;
  • Must first apply and be accepted to a US Citizenship & Immigration Services approved school in the US;
  • Document evidence of funds to cover expenses in the United States as well as proficiency in English language.

Related Issues

  • The applicant for a F-1 visa has to document that s/he is not an intending immigrant – evidence of compelling social and economic ties to abroad;
  • The applicant should have a residence outside the United States that s/he has no intent to abandon;
  • Intends to depart from the United States upon completion of the course of study;
  • Students in or outside the U.S., who have been away from classes for more than five months, will likely need a new visa to enter the U.S;
  • Spouse and unmarried child(ren) under the age of 21 are allowed to join the F-1 in the U.S. under F-2 status.  F-2 spouse is not allowed to work or engage in full time study though F-2 child may engage in full time elementary of secondary school study.