TN Professionals from Canada & Mexico


TN Visa allows qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens to enter the US to perform services in professions on the NAFTA list.  An important difference between the TN procedure for the citizens of Canada and Mexico is that while Canadian citizens usually do not need a visa to work as a TN professional (though one can be issued upon request) a Mexican citizen on the other hand requires a visa to request admission to the US.  A TN beneficiary may be admitted in TN status initially for up to a maximum period of stay of three years but can receive unlimited extensions of stay in increments of three years at a time.

TN Procedure & Requirements

  • The foreign national must be a Citizen of Canada or Mexico;
  • The profession in which the TN beneficiary wants to work in qualifies under the NAFTA regulations;
  • The position in the United States requires a TN professional;
  • The foreign national has the qualification to practice the profession;
  • TN applicant may apply at US Embassy/Consulate around the world for a TN visa.
  • Applicant must show their intended stay is temporary, without the intent to establish permanent residency.

Related Issues

  • Permanent residents, including Canadian permanent residents, are not eligible for TN status;
  • TN beneficiary can work in a full-time or part-time job though self-employment is not permitted;
  • Professional licensure to practice a given profession in the U.S. is a post-entry requirement;
  • Spouses and unmarried child/ren below the age of 21 are allowed to accompany/follow to join the TN applicant in TD status, however they are not allowed to work in the United States unless they qualify for a work visa;
  • Canadian citizen spouses and children do not need a visa.  Spouses and children that are not Canadian citizens must get a TN nonimmigrant visa from a U.S. Embassy/Consulate.