Clive R., February 2010 on LinkedIn

“The first thing you should know about Asheesh is that HE KNOWS THE LAW. A vital knowledge when you need to win your case. Secondly he cares and tries like no other attorney I have used. There are number of money grabbing immigration attorneys with pretty girls in their front offices in Atlanta. Asheesh is not one of them. Asheesh found a way to help me reach my Permanent Residence status when all others said it was impossible, firstly because of Asheesh's in depth knowledge of the law, then because of their persistence and creativity, they were able to present a case, defend it robustly when it was questioned and win the greatest opportunity of our lives to remain in America. For that there are no words that come close to describe our depth of gratitude. I would recommend Asheesh to anyone who would like to win their immigration case and I would use him again in a heartbeat."

Krunal Patel, December 2018 on Google

"I have used Sharma Law firm for an RFE received in my sister in law's case for removing 2 year condition on a temp green card. From start to end it was a pleasant experience. Mr. Sharma took time to review the case and despite the lack of evidence he assured to take the case and worked in and out to get the green card approved. Whenever I have approached to have a meeting with Mr. Sharma, Bethany made it happen. She is the best assistant. Turn around time and managing the case was par satisfactory. I would highly recommend Sharma Law offices for any immigration matters to anyone in need.

Sharmeen Jiwani, February 2018 on Google

"Thank you Mr Sharma and Liliana in taking care of my family's citizenship. I strongly recommend Sharma Law Firm to my family and friends. So impressed with their professionalism and handling case with attention to every small detail. Liliana thanks for always being on top of things and prompt replies to all the emails with detailed explanation !!

Jane Gillette, February 2018 on Google

"I seldom write reviews, but think this one is warranted. My family had a critical situation with a parent who was serious ill in another country. Asheesh was tremendously compassionate and helpful. Though he couldn't take our case, because it was outside of his area of expertise, he provided us essential assistance in securing a lawyer in that country who could help us. Our family is ever-more grateful for his care and kindness. I would highly recommend Asheesh because of his integrity, caring, and skill.

Marilyn Mathew, January 2018 on Google

"Mr. Asheesh Sharma is an extremely professional and talented immigration attorney. His office helped us with my mother-in-law's green card application which was processed and approved in less than 4 months. Throughout the processing of the application we were kept informed on every stage of the application. Liliana Ramsey in the Sharma law office is very professional, knowledgable, and always approachable with any questions. I would highly recommend this law office”.

Prashanth, December 2017 on Google

"Mr Sharma and his firm handled our immigration case for about 5+ years and in that time have come to know him personally and because of that have a high degree of respect for him personally and his law firm

He is probably one of the few immigration attorneys that can easily empathize with a give immigration situation, takes the time to listen to you, understands your situation then actually researches if a given individual situation has some unique complexity (not a normal scenario) for the most current updates and then advises you on a course of action

In the 5+ years we worked with him, I have met him over a dozen times atleast and each time have been able to directly consult with him and have always come out confident knowing that my immigration case is in expert hands

We also got our Green Cards successfully under his expert guidance, overall it was a culmination of a long and hard earned GC and having Mr Sharma as our Legal Counsel gave us a high degree of comfort and confidence, especially during these last few crucial years”.

Rayn John Pereira, December 2017 on Google

"The professional service provided to me by Sharma Law Offices, LLC to ensure my H1B Status remained updated and current since arriving in the US on employment and the due diligence with attention to detail while filing for my GC paperwork impressed me. I am grateful for all their advice, feedback and support throughout the years and highly recommend them for their professional services. Thank You Asheesh Sharma & Lilianna Ramsey”.

Venkat Reddy, December 2017 on Google

"I can say one simple statement.. If you are really looking for serious help on your immigration issues, look no further and contact Asheesh and Sharma law office immediately. My experience working with Asheesh and Liliana was so professional. They are very knowledgeable. When I got multiple RFEs on my GC application and was stuck with my GC application for years, I contacted Asheesh...He understood my case so thoroughly. Asheesh and Liliana worked so diligently on my case to get my GC. I finally got my GC approved...The way they handle the documentation and the process is so exceptional... They look into every bit of your case and handle it with care... I highly recommend Asheesh and Sharma law office..”.

Kumar T, November 2017 on Google

"We were referred to Asheesh Sharma 's immigration office by a friend. Sharma Law offices is so professional , Liliana is also helpful and very professional. My H1 and my wife's H4 petitions were filed by Sharma Law offices and the process was very smooth. Would definiitely recommend”.

Irina Veronica B, November 2017 on Google

"After working with many law firms in multiple industries in the past, we’re very thrilled to say that working with Asheesh and Liliana at Sharma Law Offices has been one of the best - if not THE BEST - legal experience we’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving.

Asheesh has been the only immigration attorney (yes, we actually had to fire one years before) who has given us not just enough time to talk things through and understand our personal circumstances, but also gave all his attention and care while advising us as to how to proceed forward with the process. We went ahead and began the process with Sharma Law Offices to obtain my IR1 Visa.

In the summer of 2016, my husband and my father-in-law rendezvoused in the area with a goal in mind of seeking out the best immigration firm we could find. We decided that we would do “walk ins” to see how we were received by doing so without any appointment. After being turned away at some agencies, passed around at other office, finally we came upon Sharma Law Offices. We walked in during normal business hours, and were very pleased at how well we were received. We were asked to sit in the conference area while we awaited Asheesh, the attorney. He joined us, and we have a pleasant thirty minute or so conversation about our situation and some questions that we had that were intended to help us feel more comfortable with the process.

As expected, the process does take some time, and is inevitably quite complex. All of us involved knew well beforehand the level of stress that may occur throughout”.

Ishan Patel, October 2017 on Google

"We've worked with Asheesh on two family member's filings. He's very knowledgeable and straight forward in conversation. I would highly recommend him. P.S. His assistant Liliana is on top of things, very responsive”.

Datta Parsi, October 2017 on Google

"Got issues at POE and Mr Asheesh guided me in perfect direction to get my VISA APPROVED. He provided excellent support and i could just say he put a sinking boat on to shore”.

Sathya Priya, October 2017 on Google

"One of my friends had visa issues and Mr.Asheesh was able to assist him in a smooth way. My friend is back in no time safe and sound. We really appreciate the timely assistance!”.

Shri Harsha Puli, October 2017 on Google

"I would like to express my gratitude to Asheesh Sharma’s Law Firm. Had a great experience working with Sharma Law Office. They were extremely professional, supportive and available to help at every step. I highly recommend !”.

Shruti Agarkar, October 2017 on Google

"I was referred to Asheesh by a friend and I am glad that I went to him with my case. My case being a J1 to Green Card case involved lot of documentation and evidence collection which was aptly done by Janet and Liliana. Asheesh's advise to shape up the case was valuable and the confidence he showed in handling the case was remarkable.In our first meeting Asheesh carefully explained us the whole application process, answered all our doubts and also informed us of the possible setbacks and ways to overcome the same. It helped us feel comfortable and confident our case, which I feel is very essential. I would highly recommend Sharma Law Firm for any immigration related issues”.

Ajay Sharma, September 2017 on Google

"I worked with Sharma Law Offices, LLC for a petition for my Green Card. I had talked to several lawyers (at different law firms) before talking to Asheesh. He was really helpful and knowledgeable, and answered every question very patiently. You can sense his integrity and commitment from the way he deals with a case.

Asheesh's expertise provided me with a clear insight of the process. Asheesh and his staff (Liliana and Ti) promptly answered every question that I asked, phone calls were answered in timely manner and information I asked for was promptly forwarded.

All in all, the whole experience was so much easier because of them. I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for an immigration lawyer”.

Kriti Agarwal, September 2015 on Google

"Initially I was not sure whether Asheesh would be able to help and provide me solution of my case or not but when I met and discussed the things, he explained me everything very well in very friendly manner. He even just did not answer my queries but gave best advice of my problems.

Overall I can say when I left the office, I was feeling very comfortable and satisfaction and that is the real achievement so for me he is really best one”.

Claudio Croce, July 2015 on Google

"I am very pleased with the work of Sharma Law Offices' team. They have already worked on several petitions with the Immigration Department, some of them a little complicated, and the results have always been positive! I appreciate their professionalism and knowledge”.

Dinesh Katoch, June 2015 on Google

"I know Asheesh for 8+ years now. He had been filing my H1B from the beginning. My GC was filed in EB3 category by my previous employer's attorney and wanted to change to EB2 for long but then many of the immigration experts said I was not eligible etc. Then I spoke to Asheesh and he was very positive about EB2 eligibility and success. I spoke with my employer and requested for Asheesh's services for my case. Asheesh re did my case in EB2 and with the EB3 priority date, my GC is approved.

Thank you Asheesh and Liliana for your knowledge, professionalism and expert opinion on immigration matters,and guidance”.

Shakir Shaikh, June 2015 on Google

"Very consistent and through in documentation review and timelines. They helped me a lot to get my immigration work done with very stringent timelines. I would recommend them to friends who are looking for a professional and dependable attorney for their immigration needs”.

Prajakta Shinde, May 2015 on Google

"The team members at Sharma Law Offices, LLC are very Professional and know exactly what they are doing. They make everything easy as a breeze. Great follow up, they always keep you or your employer posted regarding any updates on your case or any immigration matters in general. Asheesh is an expert and is very knowledgeable about the entire immigration process. It has been a great pleasure working with them, right from my H1B transfer to H1B extension to Green Card filing. I will definitely work with them again if needed and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for help with their immigration matters”.

Shivaji Singh, May 2015 on Google

"When you need the advise and work from the law office who takes the time to listen and give right inputs, you must consult Sharma Law Firm. We have been using him for many years and my team has a great respect the Asheesh Sharma as a trusted attorney”.

Anusha G S, February 2015 on Google

"As everyone suggested here, Asheesh in the best lawyer I had ever dealt with. Very knowledgeable, patient,professional. Not just he answers to the question, he suggests whats good for his client. Plan your questions well before for the session and you will get more than you need”.

Sam Pat, December 2014 on Google

"Asheesh Sharma and his associate Liliana is very professional and very timely in responding to questions. They explained the process very calmly and patiently, I felt at ease with them and that’s priceless especially navigating thru USCIS complex forms. They handled my GC process very smoothly and I never had a doubt in my mind that Asheesh and Liliana cannot handle any issue regards to immigration.

Thank you Asheesh and Liliana”.

Surender Yerramsetty, August 2014 on Google

"Asheesh was referred to me by an colleague and I used his services for my Green card process.He was very professional and very prompt from beginning to the end of my green card journey. Ask any sort of questions and you would receive an instant reply from him. He is very knowledgeable about the Immigration matters and his advice in such issues is impeccable. I surely would recommend him to anyone and also would surely engage his services if need arises in future”.

Samuel Zakster, June 2014 on AVVO & Google

"I had a very important decision to make regarding my LPR and Asheesh was a great choice I made. He listened to me completely and understood my situation and then proposed a good solution. He immediately worked on my documentation and got the papers filed at a very short time. All the documents were prepared on time and he would respond immediately to my emails or phone calls as and when I had questions regarding the entire process. Liliana was also of a great help to me during this entire process end to end. I strongly recommend Asheesh Sharma to anyone who needs the right guidance regarding their immigration process".

Anuhya Bhaskara, May 2014 on Google

"I have consulted Sharma law offices for H-1B Visa processing. My company did not know a scratch about visa processing as i was first international recruit they were filing a H-1 for. Asheesh was very patient and thorough at explaining each and every question me and my firm had. He is very knowledgeable and he guided me well during the whole process. He was very prompt at replying to my emails (Except one or two times - the busy processing days ofcourse! ). I recommended Asheesh to some of my friends and will continue to do so to the rest of them. Thank you again Asheesh for all the guidance and help!"

Sweta Misra, April 2014 on Google

"Mr. Asheesh is a very knowledgeable and dependable immigration attorney. He handled my case very efficiently and was always reachable via phone or email. He always responded to my emails in a timely manner even after office hours or during weekends. I am very satisfied and impressed with the manner my entire case was handled. Mr. Asheesh patiently dealt with all my queries and clearly explained us the key immigration aspects with respect to my scenario. I would highly recommend him. All in all, it was a great experience working with Mr. Asheesh and the Sharma Law Office. Thank you Asheesh for your excellent work!!"

Mukesh Sharma, February 2014 on Google

"I have worked with Sharma Law Offices and it has been one of the most pleasurable experiences I have had with a law firm. My green card case was probably one of the most complicated cases with a larger chance of denial. Mr Asheesh guided me through the whole process and he was with me till I finally received my green card. His presence during my interview at Atlanta USCIS office (when my case was transferred to NBC) was the most crucial point which helped with approval of my case.

Thank you Asheesh. It has been a pleasure working with you. I sincerely cannot thank you enough and your law firm for all your help".

Yadagiri, October 2013 on AVVO & Google

"Asheesh Law Firm is the best possible shot you can have at your H1B application and GreenCard. Loved it! ZERO technical errors in your application, always available Asheesh to answer any queries.

I would strongly recommend anyone to use Asheesh Law Firm. Best part is, this firm doesn't look for loopholes in system and make way for you. It does right thing first time and I will choose the Asheesh Law Firm for all my future legal services, when required".

Sriram Sridharan, September 2013 on AVVO & Google

"I would like to leave a feedback on my recently approved H1B extension through Asheesh's firm elaw immigration. Although, mine was a straight case with a perfect documentation, it takes a whole lot of effort to organize, communicate what is missing, setting some proper standards & being able to make the client feel that they are important. trust me - all with a smile - which is missing in most of the firms nowadays ! If you are talking about transparency and result oriented firm who is willing to help the clients - that would be Elaw Immigration ! Thanks to Asheesh & his team for his outstanding support as always".

Mandar Rahatekar, August 2013 on AVVO & Google

"Asheesh Sharma has been a very reliable immigration lawyer. He helped me with my H1B work visa as well as my permanent resident visa application (Green Card). My employer was not familiar with sponsoring work visa or processing green card application. Asheesh worked with my employer's general counsel and successfully filed for my H1 visa as well my green card application. He is very responsive as well as knowledgeable about the entire immigration process. Over the years, he has also provided valuable legal advice at no cost to some of friends who were students and needed help. His fees are reasonable and he has never charged me extra by minute or hour for any follow up discussions regarding my applications".

Prashant Pai, June 2013 on LinkedIn & Google

"Asheesh Sharma has been my immigration attorney for the last 4 years and has helped me with various family based immigration cases. The cases have been quite complex and Asheesh has been able to navigate through them and provide excellent counsel and direction that has produced favorable outcome.

One of the key attributes I like about Asheesh is that he is a thorough professional who is dependebable, reliable and sincere. He is readily available to discuss your case in person or via phone and email. Asheesh is highly personable compared to the other attorneys I have worked with and genuinely cares about your case and does a great job following up. Given the emotional nature of these cases, I feel confident and relaxed after a discussion with Asheesh. His backoffice systems are very good and in step with the latest technology.

Asheesh's services are reasonably price. I would highly recommend Asheesh and would like to thank him for excellent service he has provided to me and my family".

Vishrut Arya, May 2013 on AVVO & Google

“I have worked with Asheesh on various immigration matters (my own H1 and GC, Religious Visa R-1 for preacher of our temple) for last nine years and I must say that Asheesh has deep understanding of immigration matters. His friendly & professional attitude has been icing on the cake. Every time I have gone to Asheesh with any immigration related issues, I have come out with a solution that has worked. The best thing I like in Asheesh is - his out-of-box thinking. He will have alternates ready in case on solution doesn't work. Lately, our temple's preacher was stuck in India because of Visa Issues and his case became complicated. To resolve that case, we had to communicate with many government agencies and lot of collaboration was needed. Asheesh was instrumental in getting that case resolved successfully. I strongly recommend Asheesh for timely, accurate and professional advise on immigration related matters”.

Kosana, December 2012 on AVVO

“Asheesh has helped me a lot through my Green Card process, since the beginning until the final process, he will make sure that everything will be done right in the first place and now it’s been paid off. I’d like to thank him for all his efforts and recommend him to everyone!"

Nupur Sinha, October 2012 on LinkedIn

“I hired Asheesh in Atlanta to work on my mother's Greencard application, even though I live in San Francisco. He made time to chat with us on skype and phone to explaining detailed step by step requirements for the application. He is very professional, personable and caring individual, who delivers his services in a timely comprehensive manner that shows his extensive immigration experience. He is very reasonable priced and absolutely straight forward. I look forward to working with him again when my father plans to apply. I first got introduced to Asheesh in 2001, when he worked my my H1B application”.

Amit, September 2012 on AVVO

“A very knowledgeable trustworthy lawyer; Asheesh handled my case in a way I hardly had to think about anything and for a very fair fee. He took care of everything, always checking-in with me, explaining things in a clear and easy way and not using obscure attorney language. I could have my immigration case processed successfully without any difficulties or any back and forth of documents. Above all that, He is a really nice person that treats you like another human being and not just a case.

The immigration office didn't need one single extra paper from us because Asheesh prepared us well and made sure that we submit all the necessary papers so no delays occur. His step to step guidance helped me to cross hurdles and stay relaxed. I would really love to recommend him to anyone over immigration matters".

Vikas, April 2012 on AVVO

“Asheesh has in-depth knowledge in the area of immigration law and is adept in application of this knowledge to get positive results. The fact that I did not come across a single query in any of my applications is a testimony to Asheesh’s skill as an immigration attorney. In my association with Asheesh, I have found him to be honest, sincere and responsible professional. Asheesh is thorough in his work and is detail oriented which is what you would want in a person that is handling something as significant as an application for permanent residence. I would highly recommend Asheesh for any legal immigration matters however complex they might be.

Thanks Asheesh for your quality work in getting me through the extensive journey to the shores of America. Finally my dream has come true….Thanks to you!!!”

Hari Kiran, March 2012 on AVVO

“Asheesh has helped me in all my immigration needs since 2009. He understands the situation very quickly and gives correct guidance. Asheesh is very responsive and does the Job very neat and perfect. He filed my H1 extensions, my wife’s H4 extensions and also our Green Cards. I consider myself very lucky to find such a nice and knowledgeable attorney. He is very patient in answering my questions and very quick in responding to emails. I strongly recommend Asheesh for any immigration related matters”.

Vinit, March 2012 on AVVO

“His law firm provided my family with accurate checklists and helped me well in advance to prepare for the filing in anticipation of the dates being current. His support to get all the documents in place and his ability to address questions about travel and employment changes during the process helped us avoid any complications. His office staff provided us with scanned copies of USCIS notices in timely fashion.

I would strongly recommend leveraging his services when you have to deal with immigration matters”.

Brahmaiah, January 2012 on AVVO

“I am extremely happy to have Asheesh as my attorney for my Green Card processing. Asheesh is a very knowledgeable, trustworthy and reliable attorney. He has been very helpful, reachable, responsive and understanding throughout the entire Green Card process. My Green Card application was highly complicated as it was an EB3-EB2 porting future employment based case. Asheesh handled my case so well that I got straight approval without any complications. I highly recommend Asheesh”.

Joseph, December 2011 on AVVO

“I worked with Asheesh and his team for my Immigration issues (H1B process/renewals and Green Card process). It was a very positive experience. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. He knows his subject very well. Whenever I had any concerns due to travel plans/wedding/job change, he was accessible. He always took my calls assessed the situation carefully and provided me solutions and suggested a plan of action immediately. His staff is very cordial and did a wonderful job. I can't thank him and his team enough or recommend them more strongly”.

Manohar, August 2011 on AVVO

“He is very honest, answers all the questions promptly and very knowledgeable about the Immigration law and how the USCIS processes all immigration applications. He does in-depth analysis of each case and presents the case in best possible manner. His professional advices are always the best and the way he handled my case during difficult times is really commendable! I highly recommend him for any immigration needs”.

Rajeev, October 2011 on AVVO

“Asheesh is one of the best, most professional and compassionate attorneys I have seen in his profession. He, not only, possesses astute understanding of the immigration laws, processes, environment and trends, but he also has a very straight forward no-nonsense attitude. He would not say anything just for sake of getting business. He presents the facts very truthfully and pushes his clients very hard to get everything including documents etc. in a perfect fashion. This one quality really stands out in him. He is a perfectionist to the core. I have through my experience with him, developed a very high level of faith in his ability as an attorney. At present, I can work freely and plan in confidence as he is handling my immigration related matters. I would, without any hesitation, highly recommend him to all for their immigration needs”.

Immigration Client, July 2011 on AVVO

“I will highly recommend Mr. Asheesh K Sharma to everyone. Even being hundreds of miles away from my location, I never felt the distance was a concern. His valuable guidance, friendliness and eagerness to serve his clients is much appreciated. His knowledge in the Immigration matters is immense”.

Maffrine, September 2011 on AVVO

“Asheesh was my attorney for my H1B and marriage based green card application. He was probably the best and most helpful immigration attorney I have ever met. He was always ready and quick in answering my questions personally. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney!”

Shivaji S., April 2009 on LinkedIn

“I have known Asheesh for several years now, a great professional and have a warm personality. As an attorney you need someone with good knowledge and ability to give you right advice. Asheesh has always been on the right side of the law. I appreciate all the work he has done, I highly recommend him”.

Ram Dhan Yadav K., March 2009 on LinkedIn

"Asheesh is one of the best Immigration Attorneys that I know. When I recommend Asheesh to others, I usually tell them "If Asheesh doesn't have a solution for your situation; probably there is no solution out there for your situation". I have recommended Asheesh to several of my acquaintances".

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