Removal of Conditions (I-751)

Application for Removal of Conditions on Green Card

A conditional permanent resident is an individual who had conditions placed on his or her status for a two-year period. This two-year condition is placed if the individual obtains permanent residence because of a marriage to a U.S. citizen and the green card is issued before the second anniversary of marriage.

Procedure & Requirement

  • A conditional permanent resident, to remove conditions on this permanent residence status, must file form I-751 for the removal of conditions.
  • The conditional permanent resident must demonstrate that he or she entered the marriage in good faith.
  • The Form I-797 receipt notice that USCIS issues can be presented with the expired Green Card as evidence of continuous status for up to 24 months past the expiration date on the Green Card.

Related Issues

  • A derivative who obtains status from his or her relationship to the principal conditional resident also have conditions placed on his or her permanent resident status.
  • The applicant for removal of conditions must attend the interview at a local USCIS office before the application will be adjudicated.
  • The applicant is eligible to file for naturalization if he or she becomes eligible even if application for removal of conditions on residence is pending.

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