Instructions for Rescheduling ASC Appointment

Upon receiving an application for an immigration benefit, the USCIS notifies the applicant to appear at the nearest Application Support Center (ASC) to provide it with the biometrics information. Though there is no specific timeframe for scheduling of the biometrics appointment, most biometrics appointments are scheduled within 30-90 days of filing of application.

It is important that the applicant makes every effort to keep the appointment else the case may be delayed. Additionally, non-appearance may also impact the applicant’s qualification for benefits thereby leading to denial of the application or petition. In the event the applicant is unable to attend the scheduled appointment, it is the applicant’s responsibility to reschedule it.

USCIS recently clarified that in order to reschedule a fingerprint appointment, the request must be submitted to the following address: BPU, Alexandria ASC, Suite 100, 8850 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309-1586. 

Along with the request for rescheduling, the applicant must submit the original fingerprint appointment notice to the address listed above.  We advise our readers to submit the request via traceable delivery method and to save a copy of the mailed request and original notice.

Alternatively, the applicant can call the USCIS National Customer Service Center’s (NCSC) 1-800 Number (appearing at the bottom of the appointment notice) to reschedule the appointment, which then will get routed to the appropriate service center.